1972 HONDA CT70 MINI TRAIL (#7980)
Pat's Project Rebuild

  • Available colors: Candy Ruby Red and Candy Yellow Special
  • Handlebars were easily folded down so that the bike could be transported in the trunk of a car
  • The black exhaust pipe had a chrome and black heat shield
  • The fuel tank was contained in the upper frame structure rather than a separate, removable unit
  • The decal "TRAIL 70" was red and the stripe was black
  • The "HONDA" decal above the model name was white, while the side decals were red and black
  • The speedometer was separate from the headlight
  • Engine: 72cc OHC single cylinder
  • Transmission: 3-speed with automatic clutch
  • Serial number began: CT70-2000001

1972-73 Trail 70 (CT70K1) (also called "Mini Trail 70")